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Please check... blog site launched by an independent local journalist who is interviewing our Members and posting the interviews (including audio) online.

"Derek [OpesOn Strategy Consultant] spoke to me for a year helping me get it, he's so patient, I just wish we joined when he first spoke to me."

Sue M (joined 2008, Membership current, COIclub Member).


"Just to have everything I was trying to research myself all done all at once specifically for me was worth it straight away. But you guys keep on showing me more and more, its amazing. I realise you have probably sacrificed a lot over the years to get to this point, thank you."

Scott M (joined 2008, Membership current, COIclub Member).


"When I first heard about OpesOn in 2003 I was unsure, my wife convinced me to go ahead and we have never looked back. We now have a magnificent home and other property too, we are even looking to buy a house in Bali for cash. My whole way of looking at things has changed for the better, we are happier and have more too."

Ben H (joined 2003 during R&D phase, Membership current, COIclub Member).


"We have been able to do some things we thought we would never achieve. We even referred all our friends, some joined sooner than others but all have reported great results back to us. The know-how is excellent and everything is planned out with you knowing what is going on and why."

Mr & Mrs HD (joined 2005 final year of R&D phase, Membership current, COIclub Member).


"Having OpesOn has helped me a lot over the years. You are able to understand what you can achieve with what you have today. You can see clearly how to get your goals done faster and with their knowledge and support behind you new goals are soon possible."

Phil K (joined 2002 during R& D phase, Membership current, COIclub Member).


More OpesOn success stories and testimonials coming soon.

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