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About us...

OpesOn are Personal Economists...

...we specialise in developing personalised success systems with mechanisms and methods that get you a better result now and into the future from what you already have.

Our Members see us as their 'Strategic Partners for Life' and some of the things they enjoy include: 

  • the comfort of a powerful strategic approach to success.
  • the ability to harness the power of your Personal Economy & (where appropriate) Business Economy.
  • access to unique mechanisms and know-how to reduce debt at the fastest rate possible, often faster than you could imagine possible.
  • the security of knowledge that is meaningful to you and your benefit.
  • the joy of easy to use unique methods and tools for great results. 
  • the certainty of knowing how to GET WHAT YOU WANT.


The Name...

'Opes' is Latin for 'abundance' or 'a wealth of...'.

OpesOn is about developing or 'turning on' an abundance of what you want in your life, at an accelerated rate in a more certain manner.

Optimal [ Personal Economics ] Systems on


The Colours...

Platinum Grey = modern strength.

Go Light Green = action and growth.


The Icon...

The icon we developed uses two 'envelope graphs' mirrored above and below a circle.

The envelope graph is the use of straight lines to create a curve. Therefore, we don't break the rules; we don't even bend them... we use the right rules in the right place, at the right time to take a line where it would not normally be able to go.

The circle signifies a continuum, as at OpesOn we implement continuous improvement methods and tools in both our organisational systems and more importantly, your life.

The icon signifies a holistic approach to ensure goals of all sizes are attained in the immediate and short terms, whilst keeping an eye on arriving at your peak events of the medium and long terms, in best time, faster and safer.

When we surveyed our Members one response likened the icon to an oyster with a pearl in it, we thought that was great... even the beautiful and precious pearl was once a humble grain of sand.


The Company...

OpesOn is a Western Australian family owned company.

Through the Strategy Teams we applied the various areas of expertise in our Expert Panel to Research and Development of strategies, methods, mechanisms and tools live with Members for over a decade.

OpesOn was launched to deliver a comprehensive service to our new and existing Members based on these outcomes and discoveries. Enhancements continue to emerge as new challenges arise.

We work with and for our Members to...

  • inform and affirm information
  • identify new possibilities
  • enable and activate chosen possibilities
  • provide internally developed unique tools and methods

...all with the simple idea of helping people get a better result.

We have proven that with the right know-how and effective tools in place you can...


Even those who already know a lot still create significant benefits with access to know-how and tools as they usually have more resources, including skills, to work with.

We are a tool at your disposal, the individual results you may achieve and the level of information, types of tools and methods that you need us to deliver will vary depending on the resources available and the outcomes sought.


Our Vision...
To be recognised as the Personal Economists of choice for individuals throughout Australia.


Our Mission...
To provide innovative, future-sensitive solutions and insights that consider our members' needs, lifestyle, resources, expectations, goals and fears to access and develop life-improving opportunities in a strategic manner.


Our Values...
Commitment to:

  • Excellence in Member service;
  • Optimisation of Member benefit;
  • Realisation of the full potential of both the company and individual staff.

Respect for:

  • The rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders (Members, staff, owners, suppliers and society).

Quality in:

  • Development of economics-based strategic solutions;
  • Delivery of innovative products and services.


"Information is important... however affirmation of information being accurate, relevant and comprehensive is know-how."

Iain Melotte - Founder


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