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Q: What does OpesOn do?
A: It is like Life Coaching with numbers.

We develop an over-arching strategic approach designed to achieve and surpass your preferred future. Working with you for you we create an underpinning Economic Model to optimise your resources and facilitate future peak events, so you GET WHAT YOU WANT.


Q: Are you a Financial Planner?
A: No, this is Economics. Personal Economics focused on 'Life Resource Optimisation'.

We put our Members in control by enabling informed decision making, to optimise your Personal Economy now and in the future.

If you need Financial Planning assistance you should always engage an Authorised Representative of a Licensed Dealer in Securities. We are happy to refer you to a quality provider.


Q: Are you a Mortgage Broker?
A: No, but we have Economists and Accountants who have worked in banks and other Financial Institutions, we do have their secrets and methodologies.

Once we determine the desired future peak events, the resources we have and can reasonably expect to generate, we utilise 'Economic Modeling' to design a 'non-lender specific' 'Optimised Operating System' to underpin your 'Personal Strategy'.

Our preferred Finance Broker provides an assessment, at the least, within your current institution as well as a new institution option. The assessments are provided free to our Members and you do not have to use the in-house Finance Broker for any adjustments you require.

You should only have loans or finance arranged on your behalf by a Licensed Finance Broker who is a member of MFAA, FBAA and the Credit Ombudsmen.


Q: Can we get Tax advice from you?
A: No, our Accountants advise us to ensure we are across relevant matters. We can help you identify relevant issues and frame the questions you might like to ask of your Accountant.

You should always have any tax related matters investigated by a Certified Practicing Accountant.


Q: Do I need to change any Professional advisers I am currently using?
A: No, we advocate continuing established Professional relationships providing you are happy with the reliability of the service.

OpesOn does not seek to replace anyone, we enhance everyone.


Q: What does it cost?
A: Initial Phone consultation = $0
Get to Know, Awareness Modules = $0
Membership Presentation, Benefits Demonstration = $0
OpesOn Membership = as appropriate.

With full access to our comprehensive Services list you will be able to chose as you determine which is applicable with your Personal Strategy Consultant in your Membership Presentation.


Q: How can we afford OpesOn?
A: Members rarely reach into their pocket for any money at all, costs are normally absorbed within your new Personal Strategy.

Due to our leverage model, pricing is reasonable and there is a broad range of services to choose from.

What is more is most Members can get all Membership costs back within six to twelve months, sometimes faster. As actual results vary please feel free to request a written quote.

You will be surprised what operating in a less than optimal manner costs you everyday.


Q: What is in it for OpesOn?
A: We are committed to enriching Australian citizens and residents with our knowledge and understandings through a membership based organisation delivering Member benefits.


Q: Are you Australian?
A: Yes, Head Office is located in Havelock Street, West Perth, Western Australia.


Q: Who owns OpesOn?
A: OpesOn is an Australian family owned business.


Q: How do I get going?
A: You need to have a phone consultation with a Strategy Consultant and get some initial research on board to see if the benefits we can generate is of interest to you. You can either go to the Contact Us page and fill in your contact details for OpesOn to contact you, or call us on
1300 OpesOn (1300 6737 66) or +61 8 9226 1781.


Q: What happens if I like the research?
A: Your Strategy Consultant will arrange a time for you (and your partner) in their diary so you can come into our offices in West Perth.

Before you come in we will provide some material by email and telephone consultations with our Member Contact Team and/or your Strategy Consultant to build your understanding of both the principles of which what we do is based and the specific benefits you will be able to generate.

Therefore, you will find out who we are, what we do and the sorts of benefits that can be generated for you which we call 'Get to Know'. At the conclusion of 'Get to Know' you determine what you 'Need to Know'; such as cost, timings, returns and benefits to you.

'Once you finalise 'Need to Know' we integrate those clarifications in a 'Membership Presentation'.

At the completion of the 'Membership Presentation' you will be able to make an 'Informed Decision'.

This is all delivered without obligation and at zero cost to you.

If you want to take it from there you can.


Q: What is 'Get to Know'?
A: This is various communications between you and our Member Contact Team and/or Strategy Consultant via telephone, email and where appropriate in person, to build your understanding of OpesOn and how you can benefit.


Q: What is 'Need to Know'?
A: This is your chance to let us know what is important to you and relevant to you lifestyle, or the lifestyle you want to achieve, which includes pricing and how quickly that is returned to you in benefits.


Q: Who becomes an OpesOn Member?
A: With our personalised approach and unique tools to harness your Personal Economy we can deliver benefit to virtually anyone with a Personal Economy.

We only work with people who...

  • Have a job (wages or self employed)
  • Can reasonably expect to continue to earn for at least another five (5) years
  • Own a property (owned outright or under mortgage)
  • Are interested to understand what we dedicated over a decade on developing
  • Want to optimise their Personal Economy.

We have plumbers, nurses, lawyers, doctors, engineers, office workers, managers, accountants, business owners and many more, in fact anyone who wishes to get accelerated results in a more certain manner.


Q: What is a Personal Economy?
A: Your Personal Economy is the system of your life in a western world.

An economy is anything which has resources in it - resources entering and resources leaving.

Your Personal Economy is about the manner in which your Life Resources exist in your world, enter into your world and leave.


Q: What are Life Resources?
A: Life Resources are both Hard Resources like Cash and Capital as well as Soft Resources like Time, Skills and Age. Obviously there are a lot more than that and your Personal Strategy Consultant will be happy to build your awareness once your initial research is completed.

Please consider these examples:

  • When you go to work Skills and Time Resources exit your Personal Economy to cause for Cash Resources to enter your Personal Economy.
  • If your house value goes up Hard Resource enter however if the value goes down Hard Resources leave.
  • If you have a mortgage, Hard Resources of loan interest calculated daily leaves your Personal Economy every month when charged.

All activities in a western world (socio-capitalist) causes for Life Resources to be affected and as Personal Economists we work with you, for you, to optimise your outcomes across the board in the immediate, short, medium and long term.


Q: What is Personal Economics?
A: Personal Economics enables you to acquire, activate and accelerate your Life Resources, to harness the power within your Personal Economy, the relevant research and reports to wield the power of your Personal Economy and cause for further acquisition, activation or acceleration of your Life Resources.

OpesOn has developed know-how, mechanisms, tools and training, that changes the rules from traditional thinking and the results are significant.


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